CamCtrl.com is a broadcasting platform for studio partners and webcam performers.

Webcam performers who start broadcasting their live video chat signals through CamCtrl.com will be published on our cam sites to monetize their live performances.

All our studio partners and webcam performers are required to use CamCtrl.com to broadcast and monetize their live webcam feeds on our cam sites.

CamCtrl.com provide you all the tools, features and marketing incentives for you to be successful on our cam sites.

By mixing gamification, new innovating technologies, awarding incentives and attractive live features in a freemium business model we want to change the online live adult entertainment landscape for both members, webcam performers and our studio partners.

Here on CamCtrl.com you first need to register before you can start using our broadcasting platform (start live streaming).

After clicking on the register button you need to select how you want to register, as a studio partner or webcam performer and enter the following information.

Webcam Performers
  • Nickname
  • Password
  • Password (confirmation)
  • Email address
  • Birthday
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
Webcam Studio
  • Studio name
  • First name (owner/manager)
  • Last name (owner/manager)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Password (confirmation)
  • Gender
  • Company name
  • Country
After registration you will receive an account activation by e-mail. By activating your new account you can login for the first time and complete your registration as a studio partner or webcam performer at CamCtrl.com.

All studio partner and webcam performer registrations are manually reviewed and approved by our team.

Only studio partners who have uploaded a scan from the ID, headshot + ID and scan company registration will be approved! For webcam performers we required a scan from their ID plus headshot and ID

Be advised that only accounts that are completed will be approved by our team!

We provide a 24/7 support service for all our webcam performers and studio partners.

We encourage everyone to use our Support Ticket system so all questions, remarks and comments will be handled by our team.

Before you use our Support Ticket system we advise you first to read our FAQ section.

Studio partners and webcam performers can protect their online privacy by blocking access to their profile page and live chat room.

Privacy protection can be activated in the "Access Control" page. Here you can select the following items to restrict access to your profile page and live chat room.

  • IP address

  • Countries


Blocking online access is not 100% accurate and can be avoid by using proxy servers to override IP restrictions. Some people use proxy servers to be anonymously using different IP addresses.

Webcam performers and studio partners can request for a checkout (payout) once they have reached a minimum of 100 euro in their account balance.

Only independent webcam performers are able to request for a checkout. Webcam performers who work directly for a Studio partner are always paid by their studio.

All checkout requests are been paid bi-weekly to your defined payout method.


For each payout we charge a 10 euro administrative and processing fee.

All our webcam performers and studio partners are paid by the following payout methods:

  • Bank transfer (takes maximum 7 working days)

  • Paxum (instant)

  • Payoneer (instant)

  • Your own debit card (instant but not yet available!)

Here you will find an overview from our rules. We are very strict in complying our rules and have the right to terminate your studio partner or webcam performer account without any notification!

Note that our team is constant monitoring all live chat rooms and chat logs to make sure that everyone is following our rules.  

  • All webcam performers need to be at least 18 years of age
  • You will not engage in any unlawful, obscene, illegal and/or prohibited conduct
  • You will engage only in nudity or erotic content that is portrayed in a normal, healthy, positive, non-violent and consensual manner, and relates only to normal, healthy sexual desires
  • You will not attempt to portray yourself as a “teen” or a “teenager” nor attempt to represent yourself as someone under age
  • You will not use our platform to promote any website not directly affiliated with CamCtrl.com. I willingly and voluntarily forfeit any funds owed to me by us
  • You will not use our platform as a means by which you can solicit prostitution or any other “escort” related services
  • You will not sleep, being stoned, drunk or intoxicated during your live performances
  • You will not defecate and/or pee during your online live performances
  • You will not collaborate with other individuals active with credit card fraud and/or abuse
  • You will not ask and beg for money
  • You are required to complete your performer profile page and it’s not allowed to use fake photos from other individuals
  • You are required to make sure that the quality from your live video stream has a good quality
  • You can’t have animals and/or children present while you are live broadcasting
  • You will agree that if you violate any of these conditions laid forth herein, you voluntarily forfeit any owed to use and you will understand that CamCtrl.com can terminate your account.

All our webcam performers will be published on our current and future cam sites to monetize their live performances.

Our cam sites all have an active marketing plan and are designed to process and monetize mass traffic from our partners.

Webcam performers who use our self promoting incentives can expect more money.

Contact us by using our Support Ticket system for more information about our traffic and marketing actions.

At the moment we support the following billing methods for our members:

  • VISA

  • Mastercard

  • Giropay

  • Sofort

  • iDeal

  • Mister Cash

  • Direct Debit

Alternative billing methods will be added in time to satisfy all our purchasing members.

Yes we do support a charity cause to contribute and take our personal social responsibilities.

We have decided to support the fight against hunger. Every year 3.1 million children die of poor nutrition and starvation.

Within our business model we have integrated features that automatically reserves a part from our revenues to be donated to support the fight against hunger.

Contact us by using our Support Ticket system for more information about our fight and support against hunger.

More information:


We offer our webcam performers various ways to make money on our cam sites. Here you will find a summary how you can make money.

  • Public shows, tips and tip goals

  • Private shows

  • Private spy (not yet available)

  • Photo albums and video clips

  • Advertising revenue share (we will publish advertising on your profile page and live chat room)

  • Referring new members (you will get a 5% from what referred members spent on you or on other webcam performers)

  • Your online activities and achievements (gamification features)

You will have access to all tools to monetize your live performances and promote yourself.

We will provide all our cam products with enough quality traffic so you can create your own fan club and make top money.

Our cam products are based on gamification features in a freemium business model. This means that our members can earn free coins with their online activities and achievements.

Gamification methods are used to engage members to purchase coins and enjoy all our live entertainment features.

Members who have earned coins can only spend them on our webcam performers.

Most of our cam products are based on advertising publishing. We provide companies a platform where they can promote their valuable brands using text link, banner and inline video advertising.

We are the only webcam platform who shares generated advertising revenues with their webcam performers. In your profile page and online chat room we will publish advertising.

You will earn extra money each time someone visits your profile page or live chat room. The more popular you are the more you will earn extra!

We offer all our webcam performers an interesting incentive to make extra money.

It’s very simple. Promote yourself and invite people to join our cam sites. You will receive 5% from what your referred members will spend online on you or our other webcam performers.

You can promote yourself directly by sending an email to your fan club or simply use social platforms like Twitter or Facebook to engage people to join.

In your dashboard you will find a promotional link (including a tracking code) which you need to copy/paste during your promotion actions.

This link will open your personal profile page including a registration form. Once someone registers through this promotional link you will automatically receive 10% from all his/hers online spendings.

There are different types of video chat platforms. Each platform is having its own character and business model.

Our cam platform can be categorized as a freemium live cam platform which means that we allow nudity in all public chat rooms and see it as a method for webcam performers to promote themselves and engage members to spend money.

Here in this section you will find all the specifics how our cam platform exactly works.

Webcam performers can define a Tip Goal as chat room topic. Members can help a webcam performer to reach their Tip Goal. Once a webcam performer receives a tip she will do the related action.

Each received tip will count for the final Tip Goal. When the webcam performer reaches the Tip Goal she will do the related action.


25 boob flash, 50 pussy flash, 100 doggy, Tip goal: 250 for a 10 minute intense masturbation show

Members can send tips by clicking on the “Tip me” button (under the video component) and select an tip amount. In the performer’s chat room we will highlight the progress of the Tip Goal with an indicator.

All the public chat rooms are accessible for visitors and members. Visitors will get a automatic generated number as name.

Visitors can’t chat (only watch) and will be disconnected after 120 seconds where a registration overlay window will be opened to engage the visitor to join the site.

In this window the visitor can see all the benefits as a registered member.

When a webcam performer starts a public show she will be published on our cam sites as available live public chat room.

Members can chat with the webcam performer and request for a private show, friendship or send a tip.

Members with a positive e/wallet balance value can request a private show by clicking on the “Private Show” button).

When the member have requested a private show the webcam performer will receive a notification (overlay window) that member x wants to go private. The webcam performer can either accept or deny the Private Show request.

Once the webcam performer has accepted a private show request both the member and the webcam performer will be transferred to a private chat room.

During the Private Show session both the webcam performer and member will have a countdown indicator in their window which shows how much time there is still left.

Both the webcam performer and the member can stop the Private Show session whenever they want.

When time has expired the Private Show chat room will be closed instantly. The webcam performer will go “in break” mode (countdown of 180 seconds) and the member returns back to the public chat room.
Private show (2-way) works exactly the same way as a regular Private show but offers members to broadcast their live webcam and audio signal.

A 2-way Private show gives a real user experience where both the webcam performer and member can see/hear each other.

Not yet available!

Members with a positive e/wallet balance value can spy on active Private Shows by clicking on a thumbnail photo from a webcam performer who has the status “In Private”.

After clicking on the thumbnail photo an overlay window will be opened where the member needs to confirm his decision to spy on the private show. In this same window will be the pricing and how it works displayed.

Spying on a Private show will only shows the live video output from the webcam performer without an audio signal.

This feature is not yet enabled!!

The Remote Private feature is for webcam performers who work simultaneous on multiple cam sites and are in private on an other cam site.

By clicking on the “Remote Private” button the webcam performer will appear on our cam platform as “In Private” so members could eventually spy on her live performance.

We offer various e/wallet upgrade plans for our registered members.

E/wallet upgrade purchases which are successfully authorized and processed will be added directly to the member’s e/wallet.

  • 50 tokens - 5 euro
  • 100 tokens - 10 euro
  • 250 tokens - 25 euro
  • 500 tokens - 50 euro (50 bonus tokens)
  • 1000 tokens - 100 euro (100 bonus tokens)
Here you will find our pay-per-minute rates:

  • Private show (25 tokens - 2.5 euro)
  • Private 2-way show (30 tokens - 3 euro)
You will be charged for the seconds you will use our private sessions.

Your live webcam feeds will be published on all cam sites that are using CamCtrl.com as a broadcasting platform.

From the start you will be published on our first cam platform Jizz.xxx which offers live cams and adult pinboards features.

In time we will launch more cam products each with their own look/feel, character, business model and marketing plan.

Yes we do accept couples. For couples both individuals need to be certified and approved after the IDs and other required documents have been uploaded.

Yes CamCtrl.com and all our cam products are all mobile ready and optimized to be used on desktop and mobile browsers in various dimensions (responsive behavior).


At the moment our live webcam platform only works with the latest Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera) for desktop and mobile devices. iOS devices are not yet supported!

We expect that iOS devices, Safari and Microsoft Edge will be supported at the end of 2015.

Yes we do allow that webcam performers do private shows for their members by using Skype.

However since we can’t monitor the quality of services using Skype we don’t offer refunds if in case something goes wrong.

Members who want to start have a Private Show through Skype are required to purchase tokens and tip the webcam performer and agree a tip amount for the type of show and duration.

RPH stands for “Revenue Per Hour” and is an indicator to measure the performances from our webcam performers.

With RPH we can easily see which performers (GEO regions) have the best results, which studios are the best converting and also to measure the times in the day.

You will need a complete profile, good computer, webcam/DV cam, internet connection and proper light equipment, room apparel and the latest Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Our streaming and broadcasting platform is based on the latest technology and requires modern equipment for the best possible results.

Here in this section we will describe the tools and features our webcam performers and studio partners will have by using the CamCtrl.com broadcasting platform.

After a successful login both the webcam performer or studio partner will arrive on their personal CamCtrl.com Dashboard page.

This Dashboard page includes various sections to highlight important information and indicators related to your performance and results.

By using the "Web Show" feature webcam performers can start and publish their live video and chat signals on our sites.

By clicking on the "Start" button in the top right corner of your screen you are required to confirm the dialog window (www.camctrl.com wants to use your camera and microphone) with "ALLOW".

After you have confirmed the dialog you will see the video output in your screen including the chat output and input window.

At this moment you are published on our cam sites.
The my profile page is based on three parts and is published on our cam sites.


  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Home town
  • Home country
  • Current city
  • Current country
  • Languages
  • About me
  • Twitter (user name)

  • Measurements
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Body type
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings

  • Favorite food
  • Favorite drink
  • Favorite perfume
  • Favorite position
  • Things I like
  • Things I don't like
  • Hobbies
  • Secrets and desires

The "Access Control" feature is to block certain countries and/or IP-addresses to get access to your webcam performer's profile pages.

This feature is not 100% accurate since its possible to override these access settings while surfing over a proxy server.
By using the "Media" feature webcam performers can publish:

  • Profile picture
  • Galleries
  • Videos
With the "Galleries" feature webcam performers can create photo albums and define unlock rates (for example: My bathroom pictures > 50 JCN).

Only members with a positive ewallet balance value will be able to unlock photo album. By unlocking a photo album members pays the unlock price to have unlimited access.

When a photo album has the value 0 it will be free and accessible for everyone,
By using the "Account" section both webcam performers and studio partners can upload the mandatory documents (scans of IDs) to get their account approved.

Here you will find an overview from all the Account features:

  • Documents
  • Change Password
  • Change E-mail address
  • Close Account

You will find all the news articles published by CamCtrl.com related to studio partners and webcam performers on this site and in your CamCtrl.com dashboard page.
The Support page is divided into a FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section and a form to create a Support Ticket.
Studio partners can use the "Performers" area to create and modify the  accounts for their webcam performers.

In the data grid the studio partner will have an overview from all his performers listed by:

  • User name
  • Legal name
  • E-mail
  • Approved
  • Create on
  • Last login
  • Actions
In the "Actions" section the studio partner can add/modify from each webcam performer the following data:

  • Profile info
  • Galleries
  • Change profile picture
  • Add documents

The "Finance" section displays a listing data grid with the following information:

  • Requested (date)
  • Paid (date)
  • Coin amount
  • Euros
In the header the following indicators are displayed:

  • Checked out
  • Balance
  • Paid out
  • Minimum not reached
Both studio partners and webcam performers need to reach a minimum (€100) to be able to create a payout request.

Contact Us

The best way to contact us or to request for support is to use this form.

All inbound mails are answered within a 12 hour time frame.

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